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As a parent of a bright or gifted child, you know how difficult it can be to advocate for their needs. Where are the answers? Where is the support? Fulfilling Potential is devoted to helping children and families reach their full potential, and towards working collaboratively to foster an educational environment that allows for academic and emotional growth.

Fulfilling Potential offers a variety of consultation services for you and your family, including:

Educational Planning

A consultation designed for children of all ages who are considering what their best options are for school placement. This includes cognitive assessment and a strategy planning session, as well as a personalized report and one month check in services.

Learning Profile

A consultation designed for parents who want to understand their child’s full learning profile and to have access to more detailed information than standardized testing can afford. We use a variety of assessment materials that are fun, developmentally appropriate, and take into consideration the most important assessment tool: parent input. A personalized report is generated that focuses on learning style, strengths, areas for improvement, and social and emotional factors.


To offer parents a more comprehensive understanding of their child, we offer:         

  • Giftedness Identification/Profile
  • Social/Emotional Related Concerns- Individualized Screens
  • Learning Styles Assessment (not as in depth as Learning Profile Package)
  • Twice-Exceptionalities
  • Detailed Interpretation of Score Profile from School

Other Supports

Fulfilling Potential has a strong research background, and years of experience within the field of gifted education. We have services that range from curriculum work, coordinating with a child’s school, professional development for teachers in a public and home school environment, and much more. We also specialize in support systems for twice exceptional students, and students who don’t fit the ‘traditional profile’ of a gifted learner. Please contact us for a quote or more information if there is something in particular you’re seeking for your child.