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Notable Speaking Engagements

Featured Speaker at SENG Conference

Contributor, NAGC

Featured Presenter at Connecticut Association for the Gifted’s Minds in Motion
Featured Presenter, The Parent Series

Other Speaking Engagements (assorted teacher professional developments and in-services, local book events)

Featured Speaking Topics

  • Manipulation and the the Bright Child
  • Creative Parenting Strategies
  • Humor and the Bright Child
  • How to Eliminate Power Struggles with Bright & Gifted Children
  • Giftedness 101
  • How to Communicate Better with your Child’s Teacher
  • Banishing the Boredom at school & at home
  • ”Sprinkles”- adding excitement to a Bright Child’s School Day
  • Testing & Data Interpretation: A New View at Giftedness
  • Worth Audits: Why Bright Kids Underachieve, and How we can Help
  • Cheating, Dishonesty, and Manipulation: Why Bright Kids Do It