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Notable Speaking Engagements

Featured Speaker at SENG Conference

Contributor, NAGC

Featured Presenter/Keynote for Connecticut Association for the Gifted’s Minds in Motion

Featured Presenter, The Parent Workshops

Pecha Kucha: Worcester Series

Yale Summer Workshops

Other Speaking Engagements (assorted teacher professional developments and in-services, local book events)


Featured Speaking Topics

  • Manipulation and the the Bright Child
  • Curriculum Features
  • Teacher In-Service Trainings
  • Creative Parenting Strategies
  • Humor and the Bright Child
  • How to Eliminate Power Struggles with Bright & Gifted Children
  • Giftedness 101
  • How to Communicate Better with your Child’s Teacher
  • Banishing the Boredom at school & at home
  • ”Sprinkles”- adding excitement to a Bright Child’s School Day
  • Testing & Data Interpretation: A New View at Giftedness
  • Worth Audits: Why Bright Kids Underachieve, and How we can Help
  • Cheating, Dishonesty, and Manipulation: Why Bright Kids Do It